Storms Cry 20cm


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Add wild style to your collection with this howling wolf figurine—the perfect addition to any nature lover’s home. Add a touch of mythical magic to your life with this enchanting Howling Wolf Figurine. This intricately detailed figurine has been expertly hand-painted with realistic features and cast in the finest resin, ensuring its quality is second to none. It is 20cm tall and makes a magnificent statement piece for any room in your home.

From the off-brand Nemesis Now, this beautiful wolf statue will infuse any room with the wild. This commanding white wolf, perched atop a rocky outcrop, calls his pack while gazing up at the sky with ferocious orange eyes. They are not your typical wolves, as evidenced by their gaze’s uncanny intelligence and wisdom. This figurine, which was expertly hand-painted after being cast in premium resin, is ideal for anyone who hears the call of the wild.

Howling White Wolf Figure
Cast in the finest resin
Expertly hand-painted
Size: 20cm


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