Lord of the Rings Aragorn Goblet


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Its stem is a goblet. It is made up of the longsword Narsil’s handle, which King Elendil held during the War of the Last Alliance and which his son Isildur used to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s grasp. Later, it was reforged into Andril, which would eventually become Aragorn’s sword.

The crown that Aragorn wore when he succeeded King Elessar of Gondor after Sauron was defeated is encircled by the tankard’s base. The rim’s ornamentation is like that on the White Tree and the Ring of Barahir. The words “Lord of the Rings” are inscribed on the front of the cup, with his chainmail and armour serving as the background. Before being beautifully hand-painted, this exquisitely designed piece is cast in the best “Elvish” resin.

Lord of the Rings.
Aragorn Goblet.
Officially Licensed.
Size 19.5cm.


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