Harry Potter Wand & Marauder’s Map


Harry Potter Wand & Marauder’s Map
AUTHENTIC REPLICA MARAUDERS MAP – The Marauders Map in this Harry Potter Wand and Marauders Map Gift set is a licenced movie replica. Now you will never get lost roaming the grounds of Hogwarts.
HARRY POTTER REPLICA WAND – An authentic recreation of the famous Harry Potter wizard’s wand. Measures 15 inches in length, exact 1:1 scale reproduction. The wand that chose Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, when he visited Ollivanders’ Wand shop aged 11.
BRILLIANT DESIGN & DETAILED ART WORK – The detail on this Harry Potter map is truly amazing. It’s as close to the real movie prop. Admire the detail and craftsmanship of this map.
Ultimate Harry Potter Toys Memorabilia – Owning this enchanted parchment and wand is truly magical. This Harry Potter Collection of the Harry Potter Wand and Harry Potter marauders map is the ultimate in Harry Potter movie memorabilia.
HARRY POTTER COMPLETE COLLECTION – This combined Harry Potter gift set with wand and marauders map magical map is a total must have for any Harry Potter fan. What an amazing gift to give to your family or friends.
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