Harry Potter Hogwarts Pop Up Card


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Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Pop Up Card is the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan! The beautifully gold foiled cover reads “Here, help will always be given to those who ask for it…What’s Inside?’ eluding to the magic that awaits inside.

When opened, up pops a 3D Hogwarts Castle, but the magic doesn’t stop there! Turn it around and you will see amazing details inside the castle, such as the iconic moving staircases, The Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore’s Office, the girls’ bathroom on the second floor where you are likely to find Moaning Myrtle and Professor Umbridge’s pink office, to name a few! These amazing details, make this card more of a gift and a piece of art that can be displayed as an ornament!

This card includes a notecard that keeps allows you to write your special message but keep it hidden when the card is on display. Our revolutionary reversible packaging magically transforms into a Hogwarts envelope, making this a magical gift experience from the moment your loved ones receive their mail!. Ideal for students, children, and friends on their birthday or Christmas day gift.

Warner Brothers Officially Licenced Product
Dimensions are 20cm x 15cm
Blank inside for your message
Notecard included to write your message on
Revolutionary reversible packing magically transforms to become a Hogwarts envelope.
Designed in the UK


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