Embroidered Viking Helmet T-Shirt- Grey


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The famous Viking Helmet is embroidered on the chest of this T-shirt to show your love for Vikings and Norse Mythology. The word “Vikings ” is also embroidered below the Viking helmet.

The popular image of the Vikings is one of the fearsome warriors wearing horned helmets. Many depictions of the Vikings display this particular attribute. However, there is only one preserved helmet from the Viking Age and this does not have horns.

This Viking T-Shirt is definitely a cool present for all with Viking roots and who loves Scandinavian culture, Nordic Myth, Ragnarok, Viking Helmet, Ragnar, Loki, God Odin, Valhalla, Epic Norse Distressed Look.

Classic T-shirt with the standard for fabric and production quality, durability, and wearer comfort.

Material: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester.

Gender: Unisex


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